From time to time readers who have copies of JDM books for sale will contact me and I will list them here.   

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First, books I have for sale. $1.50 each and you pay shipping.

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5/11/17 - The following are the balance of my JDM collection, other than the Travis McGee series:

  1. A Bullet for Cinderella (reprinted as On the Make)
  2. A Key to the Suite
  3. Barrier Island
  4. Border Town Girl (reprinted as Five Star Fugitive)
  5. Cancel All Our Vows
  6. Condominium
  7. I Could Go On Singing (scrveenplay novelization)
  8. One More Sunday
  9. Please Write for Details
  10. Slam the Big Door
  11. The End of the Night
  12. The Last One Left
  13. The Only Girl in the Game
  14. The Price of Murder
  15. The Soft Touch
  16. Other Times, Other Worlds (anthology)
  17. S*E*V*E*N (short stories)
  18. The Good Old Stuff (short stories)
  19. Christmas Street (short stories)
  20. Mystery for Christmas - Dead on Christmas Street - others (short stories)
  21. Wine of the Dreamers (reprinted as Planet of the Dreamers) (sci fi)
  22. Ballroom of the Skies (sci fi)
  23. The Girl, the Gold Watch & Everything (sci fi)
  24. The House Guests (non-fiction)
  25. No Deadly Drug (non-fiction)
  26. Nothing Can Go Wrong (with Captain John H. Kilpack) [This is an account of the last voyage of one of the last American liners (the S.S. Mariposa, if memory serves) before it was sold to a foreign flag. MacDonald apparently wrote the whole book, collaborating with its captain for factual information.] (non-fiction)



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