Friday Lunch Bunch..also known as the Liars’ Club

This group,  also known as "The Lunch Bunch," started in the 50’s, still meets, although with a different cast of characters.  One part of the weekly event involved playing “Indian Poker,” and records of the group indicate that JDM was “fair to middlin,” as they say.  Serial numbers of dollar bills were used to make a hand, and each player held a dollar bill on his forehead while reading what the other players had on their foreheads, and then betting.

(Scroll down to bottom to see JDM's record over many years.)

Conversations revolved around writing, agents, and anything else the group wanted to talk about.  It was at one of the gatherings where MckInley Kantor bet JDM he could not write a “good”novel.  The result:  The Executioners.

That’s JDM on extreme right, front.  The left to right identifications on the back of the picture left him out, and it is not clear if the rest are correctly noted. (probably taken in 1983)

left to right on back of pic

From Richard Glendenning's History of the group:  a scorecard:  note JDM's record.

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