About me:

I was fortunate enough to teach my hobbies during my career:  Introduction to Philosophy, British Literature, Mass Media, and Mystery Fiction.  I taught The Deep Blue Good-by and The Empty Copper Sea as part of my mystery course.  

I became involved in The JDM Bibliophile as a columnist, and served as Chair of the 1996 John D. MacDonald Conference (the 6th one).  I have given lectures on Florida Mystery Writers as part of the Florida Humanities Council Speakers’ List, and I have given several programs on  MacDonald to groups and conferences.

Currently my wife and I are serving as consultants to the John D. MacDonald Collection at the University of Florida in Gainsville.

My mystery-detective-crime fiction library numbers around 4,000, and I have a complete collection of MacDonald novels, and books.  And many duplicate copies.

This is a picture of what I love to do:  talk about MacDonald and his works.. 

This was taken at the Slip F18 re-dedication in October, 2004 at the Bahia Mar Hotel in Ft. Lauderdale.

At the 2007 “Conference To Die For” I moderated a panel on JDM’s environmental views as expressed in many of his books.  Back row, from left:  Bob Morris, Randy Wayne White, Tom Corcoran, Tim Dorsey, Front row: me, and Jon King

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