I am indebted to Amy Livingstone for sharing the letter below which her mother, Jane, wrote after the death of JDM.    Amy also passed on some pictures which were new to me, and which have also been given to the Collection.

Amy wrote:  

My mother, Jane, was around 2 years old in 1927 when her mother, Ruby , went into Saranac Lake {Hospital} for tuberculosis treatment.   Jane went to live with her aunt, Marguerite, and E.A. MacDonald,  parents of JDM and Dorrie. She  stayed for five years. Ruby died in 1933. The story goes that they were going to adopt my mother but her father, Bob Blackie, wouldn't let them.

                  Ruby and Marquerite in 1927. 

This is the letter Amy discovered  after her mother, Jane, died. Jane wrote the letter abut a month after the death of JDM.

Jane and Dick Livingstone and four of their five children. Year 1982

Beth is missing. Dordo took the picture.

From Left: John, Jane, Lisa, Dick, Amy, Pamela, and Richard

In Front: Erin (daughter of Pamela) 

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