This page contains pictures of items once owned by JDM, and now in the hands of others,or some related item. If  you have a picture to contribute contact me.

  JDM ‘s chess set.  Pic shows JDM and a baby pet goose, 

later named “Big Blue.”

Below: Karen Turville purchased the chess set at the Estate sale in 1989.

Miss Agnes.

A fan ( name not known) made this scale model of Miss Agnes and showed it to JDM, who took the pictures. 



One of his favorite singers, Billie Holiday, who is mentioned in more than one book.  The singer sent this photo to JDM.

Although JDM did not particularly like traveling to New York City, it did give him a chance to hear her  sing at the Down Beat Club.


John D. MacDonald Island just off Siesta Key.  Pictured with me is Karen Turville, who spear-headed the naming.

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