In March of 1965 Len and June Moffatt began publishing  the Bib, which was aimed at collecting information for a bibliography of MacDonald’s works.  The Master Check- list was published in 1969, and many of us remember receiving the list in the mail, copying it, and sending it  on to the next person on the list.  

By 1978 22 issues had been completed and the Moffatt’s passed the Bib  to Ed Hirshberg, an English professor at the University of South Florda.  Ed published the Bib until shortly before his death, the last issue being #64.

A memorial Bib for Ed was published in 2004.  Copies are not readily available for collectors and fans, unfortunately.  

One of the quirky items in the Bib’s publishing history is that while two issues per year were promised, that goal was not often reached, yet it remained a favorite reading pleasure over the years.  

Perhaps one day we can resurrect the Bib using this site as a way of publishing articles on JDM.

Incidentally, Ed Hirshberg told me that the design on the cover of  was done by a USF student, but it is not very close to what the Busted Flush would have looked like.  See the Busted Flush page for that.

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