Largely due to the efforts of Karen Turville  JDM was inducted into the Florida Hall of Fame in 1991.

This is the Florida Senate Resolution recognizing MacDonald


This is one of the letters sent to the Hall of Fame in support of MacDonald:



The Anthony Boucher Memorial Mystery Convention: the World Mystery Conference, shall be held once a year to honor the memory of William Anthony Parker White. The purpose of the conference is to provide a place for fans and practitioners in the field of mystery fiction to gather. It will be commonly referred to as Bouchercon with the appropriate sequential number appended.

Bouchercon XIV (1983) -- New York, NY

Chairs -- Otto Penzler & Chris Steinbrenner

Guest Of Honor -- John D. MacDonald

Stephen  King flew in from Maine just to introduce MacDonald as Guest of Honor.

Below,  JDM delivered some remarks on his beginnings in the pulp fiction  area  before  becoming published in paperback and hard-cover.


I was fortunate to moderate a panel on Florida crime/mystery/detective fiction at the  1997 Bouchercon.  The Bouchercon is an outstanding event where more than 3,000 fans gather each year. The event is held in various cities, and is somewhat unique in that  fans vie to host the event, and a guiding panel assigns the "victors."

Check out Bouchercon on the internet:  http://www.bouchercon.info/

FYI: past and future sites for Bouchercon, usually held in late September or early October .  

2015: Raleigh, N.C.

2014:  Long Beach, CA

2013:  Albany, N.Y.


 Winners of the John D. MacDonald Award for Excellence in Florida Fiction include: 

James Hall,

Elmore Leonard, 

Paul Levine, 

Charles Willeford, 

Randy Wayne White

James Hall,

Stuart Kaminsky

Under the auspices of Green Flash Salvage, a successor to an earlier JDM group, the award has been continued:

The first winner of the MYSTERY:THE FLORIDA CONNECTION- John D. MacDonald Award for Excellence in Florida Mystery Fiction was 

Randy Wayne White in April, 2002.

In June of 2006 the award was presented to

Stuart Kaminsky


   John D. MacDonald was known for his intense interest in the passing of

 Florida’s natural wonders in the face of ever-continuing construction.  

Many of his novels reflect a deep appreciation of the habitat which sets Florida apart from other places, including, of course, the Everglades.  The Joh n D. MacDonald Enviornmental Award is a fitting tribute to the author, and to 

others who follow him in their artistic endeavors to keep enviornmental 

awareness alive.

Winner of the first-ever John D. MacDonald Environmental Award:  Jimmy Buffett

The second Envioronmental Award was given to Carl Hiaasen 

at the MYSTERY: THE FLORIDA CONNECTION conference in April, 2002., especially for his columns and books which portray a deep love for the Florida environment.

Although subsequent awards have not been given, there are some outstanding candidates, chief among whom are the great number of Florida folk-singers who keep alive the idea of preserving Florida's environment,  away from those developers whose only desire seems to be, as JDM put it once: "...to pave over everything in the state!!"

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