THE RUMOR OF THE LAST MCGEE NOVEL

    From time to time readers will inquire as to the truth of the rumor that JDM

    wrote a black McGee, to be published after the writer's death.

    It makes for fascinating stories and theories and they do abound.

    However, there is no truth involved. Both his widow, Dorothy, and his son,

    Maynard, stated categorically that "There is no book or manuscript by John

    which ends in Travis McGee's death.

    We think John would have missed him as you would."

    JDM himself said this many times. On one such occasion he replied:

    "It would be really wicked so to do because of the people who haven't yet met

    the gentleman."

    "That would be a poor legacy to leave them."

HOWEVER: In a letter to Mickey Spillane, dated Nov. 13, 1984, it is clear that JDM was at least planning another McGee.  We have not yet found any notes he may have left about that next McGee.  Here is a portion of that letter: